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    A full-service marine transportation specialist for dry-bulk and break-bulk commodities.

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  2. Full Service Marine Transportation Specialists

    Maritime Brokers & Consultants Inc. provides comprehensive dry and break bulk transport planning and execution.

    Our mission at MBC is to simplify and economize your dry and break bulk transit operations. We work with your company to guide you through the maze of shipping rules and practices, reducing costs and streamlining your operation.

    MBC is compensated on a commission system, which means our services are provided without direct cost to you. This allows us to provide you with attentive service independent of hourly rate or other similar concerns. Our commitment to service is evidenced by our long term partnerships, with many of our client relationships lasting decades.

  3. Corporate Background

    Maritime Brokers & Consultants Inc. was founded in 1977 and acquired by the SeaTrade Transport International, Inc. (S.T.I.) group of companies in the late 1990s. S.T.I. is an international enterprise with almost 40 years’ experience in the steel, forestry, shipping, real estate and distribution sectors.

    Headquartered in Deerfield, IL, USA, just north of Chicago, with strategic locations on four continents.

  4. Vessel Chartering

    The dedicated professionals at MBC understand that control and flexibility are critical in supply chain management. When you buy FOB and sell CFR, you achieve maximum adaptability while ensuring your interests are protected.

    You will be able to charter the ship at your convenience, according to your cargo requirements or demand schedule; reducing the possibility of delays for trucks, railcars, and barges as well as preventing expensive delays of vessels at port. You receive all of the benefits, not your trading partner.

  5. Inland Logistics

    MBC acts as your point of contact to the shipping world, taking the burdens of negotiating and sourcing off your hands. Whether you import or export, our Chicago team will work with you to develop a door-to-door transportation strategy that meets your exact requirements. We partner with freight forwarders, customs agents, port agents and other professionals in the following areas:

    • Vessel Operations

    • Trucking

    • Stevedoring

    • Railroads

    • Warehousing

    • Barging

    • Inventory

    • Supervision

  6. MBC puts you in control

    MBC can provide you with the flexibility to lock in market rates or fix at the last possible moment to put you in the best position to capitalize on market conditions. Our commercially minded experts will collaborate with you to exploit fluctuations in quantity or market price in order to get you the most for your money. You will have the flexibility to lock in freight ahead of time in a rising market, or to fix at the last possible moment in a falling market.

    Often times a cargo is sold with a 10% tolerance. With volatile commodity prices, you will either want to minimize or maximize the quantity loaded, depending on your commercial considerations (i.e. sales price vs. spot price at loading time).

  7. Contact

    With almost 40 years in business, we at MBC understand that customer service is at the heart of our industry. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, with a focus on clear, concise answers to your most complex transport questions.

    We invite you to contact us with your questions and ideas. Our brochure is also available if you desire more information.

    Maritime Brokers & Consultants

    1650 Lake Cook Road
    Deerfield, IL 60015 USA
    +1 847-564-4660